Monday, July 30, 2012

Trailer Time: Step Up Revolution

This one was requested for me to share my thoughts.

The dancing looks amazing.

Other than that, I'm not sure I understand what's happening.  Apparently some BIG DEVELOPER is buying property to start a business.  So the poor people dance in protest.  Fine.

But what I can't help thinking that if they took all of their efforts and skills and money they used on expensive costumes and equipment to get jobs, earn capital, they could buy the property for themselves.

I mean, "the mob" goes out and dances these amazing routines in public for free.  But people would gladly PAY them to dance for money.  If they wouldn't, then this wouldn't be the 4th Step Up movie.


  1. Favorite Quote

    "Listen up we exist"

    In modern reality show America you only exist if you attention whore in public places.

  2. Besides the obvious reasons, this trailer makes no sense. Why are they protesting the business man and not the local government. In order for there homes to be sold for development to a private company, the government had to either A) declare eminent domain for the greater good of the community or B) declare that area a blight. Either way, the business guy has nothing to do with them losing their homes.