Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Casting Call: Wonder Woman

With Batman being the big franchise that he is and The Man of Steel on the way next year, I can't help but think about the final person in the DC trinity: Wonder Woman

There have been several attempts to capture this character.  Some have been awesome, some have been awful.

Ironically, Warner Bros was developing a Wonder Woman movie but then decided to break with the writer/director Joss Whedon.  You know... the guy who wrote and directed the most successful comic book film of all time.

So there is still a lot of talk about casting this superhero icon.  Here are my nominations:

Yvonne Strahovski

Ignore the blond locks, she proved on the show Chuck that not only does she have great charisma but she can be be both feminine and powerful at the same time.


She is a fan favorite who can pull off the otherworldliness of the Amazons

Many have argued that she is too petite for the role.  But she believably pulled off the role of master-warrior in both Serenity and the Terminator TV show.


Her performance on Battlestar Galactica improved as the series went on and she proved that she has great versatility.


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  1. Voting for other here: Chyler Leigh

  2. None of the above: Without a doubt Sally Kellerman. I admit she might be a little older than some of the author's picks for Wonder Woman. However, it will be well worth it when the audience hears Kellerman's Wonderwoman quoting Molly Bloom's soliloquy. Just imagine Wonder Woman with a flower in her hair like the Andalusian girls wearing her red outfit next to a Moorish wall... now that is what I am talking about.

  3. I cannot imagine why Warner Bro's did not go with Whedon, oh unless they read the script to Aliens 4, which Josh desperately wants to blame on everyone but himself.