Saturday, July 21, 2012

Trailer Time: Man of Steel (UPDATED)

This teaser is all about tone.

Loved the Lord of the Rings music courtesy of Howard Shore.

This looks very different than anything else Zach Snyder has done.  All of the sets look real and not filmed on a soundstage or in a green screen room.

As this is a teaser, it is not supposed to give you too much but whet your appetite for more.

And it worked.  I got chills.

My favorite shot was not the sonic boom, but of the little boy running around with a blanket on tied to his neck.  If I am reading Snyder correctly, he is going to try to tap into that sense of wonder and imagination we all head when we played Superman.


Here's an alternate version with the same visuals but with Jonathon Kent doing the voice over


  1. Love the Pa Kent version...should be interesting how superman works with a nolan/snyder feel. Seems like they wouldn't mesh, but the trailer was pretty awesome.