Friday, July 6, 2012

Casting Call... Mary Jane Watson

Welcome to a new feature on CatholicSkywalker: Casting Call.  Here, we will discuss who should be cast in potential movies.

A few months ago my friend, let's call him Matthias, and I were standing in line for three hours to get into a midnight event for Free Comic Book Day.  But we spent the time talking about what actors we would cast as our favorite superheroes, and the thus the night went by quickly.

I love listening to people's ideas about casting, and having that "Aha" moment where I can see someone I never considered fit perfectly into a role.

We will consider any work from from fiction, reality, remakes, etc.

Today, I wanted to look at The Spectacular Spider-Man (that is what I assume they will title the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man)

I do not know the plot at all, but I assume that they will introduce Mary Jane Watson to create a love triangle for Peter.  She should act as a foil to Gwen Stacy.  Whereas Gwen is sweet, book smart, and modest, Mary Jane is aggressive, street smart, and self-confident.  But Mary Jane is no less brave or caring than Gwen.

So who to cast?  It should be someone who can pass believable for high-school aged.  She should also be someone can come off as completely confident but vulnerable.

I have a few suggestions:

Anna Kendrick:

She has not yet had to play a part like this, but she is a terrific actress with a lot of charisma

Ashley Greene:

Yes, another Twilight actress, but it is time for her to step out from under Kristen Stewart's shadow.  And I believe that she does have the acting chops for the job.

Evan Rachel Wood:

Blimpy suggested this one.  I believe she played a similarly self-confident character in Mildred Pierce (never saw it).

Emily Van Camp

Her character on Revenge plays a beautiful and self-assured (albeit duplicitous) woman.  With the right wardrobe and makeup, she could pass for high-school.

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  1. Lily Tomlin or nobody.