Thursday, July 19, 2012

Casting Call: Moses

After he is done with his Lincoln biopic, Steven Spielberg will begin shooting a biblical epic about the life of Moses called "Gods and Kings" (ironic since the Exodus story is about the ONE God facing off against the ONE Pharaoh, but I digress).

Any, since Chuck Heston is no longer with us, we have to find a new Moses.  It must be someone who is the embodiment of masculinity while at the same time being able to pull off immense religious faith and prophecy with conviction.

Chris Hemsworth

He is a bit on the younger side.  But his stature, both physically and charismatically, could be used to convincingly play the leader of the Israelites.

Liam Neeson

Watch his performance in Les Miserables and you will see a man who has deep compassion but can still kick some serious butt.

Russel Crowe

While used to playing men of brutality, check out his performance in the underrated Sam Raimi western, the Quick and the Dead where he plays a preacher forced into a quick draw tournament.

Eric Bana

He is another one of those actors that they keep trying to make into a star, but he just doesn't take.  That doesn't do justice to his immense talent as witnessed in movies like Munich and The Time Traveler's Wife.


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  1. Your lack of imagination CatholicSkywalker is disturbing. I am going to go with Ted McGinley and not look back. None of your actors have a catalog of works as diverse nor do they have the same gravitas as Ted. When he completes filming for the Moses movie I expect him to run for office.