Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Best: TV Drama 2010


Lost ended with one of the greatest series finales I've seen. This is a contentious point, and I fully respect those who disagree. Lost is a mystery show at its heart. There are some fundamental questions that we, as the viewers, desire to be answered. The producers decided to air on the side of wondering, not answering. Despite this, Lost wrapped up this epic story by doing 2 things (I shall attempt to be spoiler free, but it will be difficult to avoid essential content). First, it took a cue from the finale to Battlestar Galactica and decided to focus on character resolutions in place of the meta-story. It was so satisfying to see Jack become a man of faith, Hurley to embrace his destiny, Sayid to confront his worse self, and for Jin and Sun to reach for each other through all obstacles. Second, the big reveal at the end broke open the show's main mythology and widened their horizons to embrace the most essential questions of life. They took a show with big ideas and big emotional arcs and made it even bigger. In the end, the answer is not found in a magical light in the center of a mystical island. The answer to life is in the relationships with those we love and the bonds to which we hold.

Walking Dead

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