Thursday, July 26, 2012

Casting Call: He-Man

With Transformers being a multi-billion dollar franchise that shows no signs of slowing down and GI Joe possibly getting a second wind with the sequel, it would make sense for Mattel to try to revive the old Masters of the Universe line, led by the alpha-maleness of HE-MAN.

There was, of course, the awful movie staring Dolph Lungren (who actually wasn't bad in the role).

He-Man not only has to have great charisma, but also needs to be someone who can put on great bulk and believably be the wimpy Prince Adam.  If done correctly, this could be a great Superman/Clark Kent role.

Chris Hemsworth
(picture by Eva Renaldi)

I know I've talked about him a lot on this blog.  And Thor may be a little close to He-Man, but he could definitely do it.

Tom Hardy
(picture by Vanessa Lau)

The question of bulk is gone after his performance as Bane.  He is a charismatic guy who has a lot of potential.

Jeremy Renner

He did well as Hawkeye and looks good in the Bourne Legacy trailers.

Bradley Cooper

This would be against type for him, but he has the ability to play the part.

Michael Fassbender
(picture by Gage Skidmore)

He looked the part in 300 and he could definitely lead an entire movie like he did in X-Men First Class.


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