Friday, July 20, 2012

Blog Scrubbing: UPDATED

You may have noticed a lack of pictures on my blog recently.

I was sent a link to this article from a friend

It describes how the accidental use of copyrighted images led to a lawsuit.  To be on the safe side I deleted all the images I've used on this blog and now am only going to use pictures that I can be 100% sure are public domain.

I'm sorry if this takes away from your blog-reading experience


I had a reader make a note to look at the website I linked to again.  Confused I hit the link and it was only then that I noticed the, how shall I put it... risqué pictures in the margins.  I must confess that I was so focused on the text and what it implied that I failed to see the rather mature content in the periphery.  My apologies to anyone who was offended.

The main point of the article, and why I chose to share it, was that it went into detail regarding how to avoid even accidental use of copyrighted material (for which you would still be liable).  I learned that if you go to wikipedia and click on the pictures that they use, it will tell you what level of fair use and reusability the picture is.