Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"Welcome back from the Moon, kids."

I cannot tell you the amount of esteem I hold for Dr. Peter Kreeft.  I would be so bold as to call him an American CS Lewis.

I once wrote him a fan email.  I didn't go through his website, but I dug through the Boston College faculty pages until I found his email address and sent it to his school account.  He was kind enough to send a quick reply to my fanboy fawning.

He has just written one of his most stirring pieces.

If you are familiar with his work, then most everything he here should be familiar.  But in this one article he lays it out so clearly, the peril of our time.

There a few places where I would quibble with him.   But as he is someone far wiser than I, you would be better off listening to him.

If you are interested in how to save our culture, please read this article.

(Hat tip to The Curt Jester)

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