Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Best: Actress 2011

Viola Davis– The Help

There are oceans of pain beneath Viola Davis' Aibileen Clark. She has endured tragedy and humiliation at the hands of her mental and moral inferiors. But what could have been a stereotype of simple piety instead is a mirror image of our best selves. Aibileen is someone who is angry, but not bitter. She can see the good in everyone. But Davis does not make her blind to the shortcoming of others nor does Davis feel like someone who holds themselves in low regard. She tries to bring the best out of everyone as someone who truly cares. And she delivers that scene ending line: “Ain't you tired?” in a way that forces us to look at another character with a new light of pity.

Emma Stone – Crazy Stupid Love
Anna Kendrick – 50/50
Kristen Stewart – Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn pt 1
Jodie Foster – The Beaver
Saoirse Roan - Hanna

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