Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall's Worst New Show

As I begin to write this it is 9:48.

ABC's The Neighbors started at 9:30 and is not over yet.  But I can declare that it is the worst new show of the year.

I haven't seen any new show besides Go On.

And I feel very confident that The Neighbors is the worst new show of the year.

It may very well be the worst show I have ever seen, and I watched the pilot to Covington Cross.

To try to explain why it is so bad seems almost an exercise in excess.

The acting is horrible.

The special effects are atrocious.

But the worst is the writing.

You know those skits on Saturday Night Live that they play in the last half hour.  You know the ones, where some new member of the cast tries an offbeat skit that is really dumb, but they give it a shot in the wee hours.

Those skits are Shakespeare compared to The Neighbors.

To satisfy any curiosity, its about a group of aliens who pose as humans in a New Jersey suburb.  Then some humans move into one of the houses.

This is usually where I say wackiness ensues, but its more like a place where wackiness goes to die a slow horrible death from bacterial meningitis.

I can sum it up by what the alien communication device is called:  The poo-pod.

Someone wrote that and thought it was funny.  An actual human.

Here's what makes me mad: it's not that someone green-lit this piece of crap.  It's that there are so many other great pilots out there that get passed over for this horror show.

Seriously, my eyes feel violated after watching this show.

The horror.

The horror.

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  1. Sadly, the writing is the last part of any program that's considered important. The worse it comes off the higher the ratings... the howwah, the howwah...