Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Poetry: On Books

Another poem by WL Grayson.

Grayson put a great emphasis on the power of the human imagination.  He feared that dramatizing stories would solidify a in the mind of the watcher an image.  But this robs the human mind of the joy of creation.

And there is a truth to this.  How often do we read a book and create an image of the characters and location in our head.  But then we see a movie and we can no longer see it any other way.

I know that's true for me.   Danielle Radcliffe is Harry Potter.  Kristen Stewart is Bella Swan.  Elijah Wood is Frodo Baggins.

It is easy to let the movies do the work for you, but you lose something in the process.

On Books
by WL Grayson

I find my leisure in the pleasure of the page
Stories meant to capture or enrapture or enrage
Or comic/tragic, there's the magic of the mage
written in full glory is the story not the stage.

When there's an actor, it's a factor that will find
your inner thought will be bought and forever bind
the true lies inside eyes that live within your mind
imagination now abused or unused, and that's unkind.

To create a face or patterned lace without a look
It is a pleasure and a treasure that actors took
when they gave a form and made the norm and left the nook.
I use my wit for the bit of time I read by book.

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  1. And that's something no Kindle can replicate.