Sunday, September 9, 2012

New Movie Stars: Channing Tatum

photo by Gage Skidmore
I think I've actually been avoiding this topic, but cold, hard economics cannot be ignored.

Channing Tatum should be in the category of "New Movie Star."

I've been reluctant because I can't say I'm a big fan of his movies.  I have nothing against him, but he really hasn't done anything to impress me in terms of his acting.  But you have to look at his record (courtesy of :

Lifetime Gross Total (18): $995,392,295
Average: $55,299,572
Opening Gross Average (15): $22,299,637 (Wide Releases Only)

His movies have almost crossed the $1 Billion mark, but that is not the important part.

In 2012, if you discount the January release of Haywire, all of his movie have grossed over $100 million.  None of these films were giant-budget action films.  They were (again courtesy of

6/29/12Magic MikeWB$113,485,818

3/16/1221 Jump StreetSony$138,447,667

2/10/12The VowSGem$125,014,030

And he headlined all of these movies.  Particularly, Magic Mike was marketed upon his name and physical prowess.

3 movies in the same year grossing over $100 million that stakes its success largely on your name?

As reluctant as I am to say it, that is the makings of a movie star.

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