Saturday, September 29, 2012

Batman Casting Poll Winner

So, based on our recent CatholicSkywalker Casting Call polls, we now have a complete Justice League for our potential movie.

First we have the officially cast roles:

We have Henry Cavil as Superman

Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

Olivia Wilde as Wonder Woman

photo by Cameron Yee
Neil Patrick Harris as The Flash
photo by Lan Bui
Ryan Gosling as Aquaman
photo by AlBBie905
Donald Glover as Cyborg

photo by Gaelen Hadlett 
And now, finally, the one that the readers of the Catholic Skywalker Blog have chosen for their new Batman is....

photo by Erin

After watching him in The Town, I think that he can definitely pull of the Batman needed for this franchise to work.

So there it is: our Justice League.  Thoughts?

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