Thursday, September 13, 2012

Casting Call: Cyborg

I figured that we'd round out the Justice League before we move on to other projects. So far, our updated cast list as voted on by the readers of this blog:

Wonder Woman: Olivia Wilde
The Flash: Neil Patrick Harris
Aquaman: Ryan Gosling

Now, we can assume that if they do a Justice League movie, they will keep Henry Cavil as Superman. Ryan Reynolds is iffy, but we'll leave him on the list. So if they take the current lineup in the comics, we still have the following roles to fill:

Cyborg and Batman

Let's start with Cyborg.

For those unfamiliar, Victor Stone was a top-notch teen athlete. But a horrible accident nearly took his life. His scientist father used all the powers at his disposal to keep him alive, but he turned him into a Cyborg: part man, part machine.

While he uses his powers for all kinds of versatile technological ends, he hates his new life because he feels he has been robbed of his natural talent. Part of his struggle is coming to terms with how much he is machine and how much he is man.

So here are our potential Cyborgs:

His small part as Thresh in the Hunger Games showed an intesity and physicality that could be powerful in this performance

Donald Glover
photo by Jesse Chang

After famously having campaigned for Spider-man, Glover is clearly looking for super hero work. He has the physicality, and comedic actors can do very good drama.  This would be a good jump from Community

Jesse Williams

His turn as the bright, but doomed teenager in Cabin in the Woods showed that Joss Whedon saw something in him.

Elijah Kelly
photo by Romina Espinosa

Granted the musical talents he displayed in Hairspray probably won't be of much use as Cyborg, he proved he had a physical adeptness that he will need to tackle the character.

As one of the leads in Chronicle, he proved he can work in a heavy sci-fi genre.

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  1. None of the above, only this guy can do Cyborg justice: