Thursday, September 20, 2012

Casting Call: Batman

The Nolan Trilogy is over.

But Batman still lives.

In fact, there is a strong move to do a quick reboot. This would, to the best of my knowledge, be the quickest reboot in comic book movie history. But you can't have a JLA movie without Batman.

He must obviously be different than the great Christian Bale. In the dynamic of the Justice League, Batman holds his place not because of he is physically imposing. The Dark Knight is the smartest, most cunning person in the world, and that is why he is on the team.

So who can play up this aspect of the Caped Crusader?

Ben Affleck
photo by Erin

He already has experience playing the underrated Daredevil.  But he has developed a maturity that is evidenced in movies like The Town.   He can play the part physically and mentally.

Matthew Fox
photo by Ewan Roberts

He can play the intensity necessary for the part and has assumed the role of a leader, as seen in Lost.  And he can bring the intimidation factor, as witnessed in the Alex Cross trailer.

Wes Bentley
photo by Tony Zierra

Check out his performance in American Beauty.  He brought a complete sense of confidence, while bringing with him a sense of danger.  Although he has never been able to match that performance, his role in There Be Dragons shows his range.
Sam Worthington
photo by Abutorsam007

Veteran of other big-budget fare like Avatar, Terminator Salvation, and the Titans movies, Worthington may not be the best actor, but he is a solid performer.  You can rely on him to bring a strong, masculine presence to the role.

Dan Stephens

This is a bit of an out of the box thought.  On the BBC show Downton Abbey he plays a lawyer turned noble heir.  And while his blond locks and thin frame (as seen on the show) may seem out of place, those superficial features could be changed.  He could play the JLA mastermind quite easily.

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  1. Hmm... This is gonna take some thought. Tough to get out of Christian bales shadow.