Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Emmy Predictions (or How I'm Terrible at Prognostication)

So, I scored 8 correct predictions out of 24.

Jimmy Kimmel said something interesting at the beginning of the broadcast: none of the shows nominated for best drama were on the big networks.

Now you could argue its because only the cable channels are willing to take more artistic risk for greater reward.  That's not a bad theory.

But I would like to point out how low the ratings were for this telecast.  And I think it was for the reason Kimmel mentioned.  Shows on cable may be more critically lauded, but they don't have the same audience as the networks.  If I don't watch the shows nominated, why should I care?

For those who suffered through my life-tweeting of the event, you know my thoughts on the show in general.

It wasn't bad, but also wasn't too good.  To make the show interesting, you need a horse race.  You have to care about what wins.

As we get closer to Oscar season, I'll post a diatribe I once wrote on the problems with the Academy Awards.  Those problems are similar to the Emmys.

But if want to find out what the REAL best shows of the year were, stay tuned in December when I lay out the best in movies and television.  It's like the Golden Globes, but much better choices and only 8/10 of the prestige.

But if you want to watch some excellent TV now, then watch the following:

Parks and Recreation
The Amazing Race
The Big Bang Theory
The Simpsons

I'll report on my first impressions of new Fall shows in a later post.


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