Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday Comics: Smallville #1

When Buffy the Vampire Slayer ended, Whedon still had more stories he wanted to tell about the Sunnydale Scooby-Gang. So, he decided to produce as “Season 8” of Buffy in comic book form. Thus he could continue the story without having to worry about big budgets and big salaries. This approach has been a big hit of Dark Horse Comics.

DC is trying the same thing with the hit show Smallville. The 10-year run about the adventures of a pre-Superman Clark Kent was the biggest hit seen on the WB and later CW. In fact, it was the only scripted show ever to win its timeslot against the other networks. The finale ended with Clark finally accepting his destiny and taking on the mantle of THE hero of the Earth.

At the end there was a 5 minute epilogue that skipped ahead about 10 years. The comic picks up not after the epilogue, but a few months after Clark began his career as Superman. The characters are basically where we left them: Clark and Lois are trying to figure out their relationship since their wedding got cancelled, Chloe is looking to relocate, and Lex is trying to consolidate his power, while dealing with murdering his sister. And as Superman goes saving the planet, another cosmic power is getting ready to make war on humanity.

As a fan of the show and a fan of comics, this comic was a delight! It feels like all of the restriction that the show had to live with have been shattered and we can see Smallville the way it always should have been. The art is beautiful and clean in a classic style, drawn by Pere Perez. He makes the characters share a strong likeness with the actors from the show. But the best choice was hiring Brian Q. Miller to write the book. Having written for the show, Miller has the tone of the series down pat. But having also written for comics, he knows how to translate the one medium to the other. I am looking forward to continue the adventure. Jonathon Kent said in the series finale “Always hold on to Smallville.”

And now we can.

4 out of 5 stars (worth your money)

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