Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Trailer Time: The Watch

This trailer tells us a lot more than the teaser.

The teaser made it seem like it was simply a parody of neighborhood watches, with a bunch of suburban, emasculated men trying to overcompensate by regaining their manhood through being tough.

But the alien plot changes everything, and I think its for the better.  I'm not the biggest Stiller fan and I do not really like Jonah Hill.  But Vince Vaughn made me laugh more during this trailer than I did during a recent outing to a purported comedy (What to Expect When You're Expecting if you must know).

There are very few movie stars anymore.  The editors at Big Hollywod write about this topic often.  By "movie star" they mean someone who can draw people to a theatre simply by the power of their name.  Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, Will Smith, and the rest have seen their ability to put butts in the seats wane in the last few years.  But I will go see this movie simply because of Vince Vaughn.

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