Saturday, June 23, 2012

The New Movie Stars UPDATE

Blimpy pointed out that Jeremy Renner should be on the list of new movie stars.

Lifetime Gross Total (13): $1,084,688,507
Average: $83,437,577Opening Gross Average (6): $47,787,321 (Wide Releases Only)

I actually had him on the fence.  His rise has been very advanced, first with critical hits in The Hurt Locker and The Town.  And The Avengers, as a Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol have raised his profile with audiences.  I did not put him up originally because I was waiting to see how The Bourne Legacy would perform because this is the first time he has headlined a movie.

Also, a comment was left about calling Tom Cruise a falling star.  I am sorry for the confusion, but I do not believe that he is.  I mentioned Hanks and Roberts as falling stars and I noted how Cruise and Sandler had disappointing weekends.  But to be clear, I do not think that this will dramatically impact either men's careers.  In Cruise's case, I think he took on a role that was different and wanted to attempted singing in a supporting role, even though all the adds made him look like the star.  The movie's downfall, I believe, is poor story; who were we supposed to care about?  Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol proved that Cruise is still capable of staying on top of the A-list.  (can you believe he is almost 50?)

I think Sandler's problem was that the premise of his movie was a bit distasteful.  Also he fares MUCH better outside of the R-Rated arena (again see

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