Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thoughts on 1 Week of Blogging

So I've been blogging for a week.  I can sum up the experience thus far in 2 words: pressure and satisfaction.

I feel a strange pressure to constantly write.  Not only that, I feel the great need to write something interesting.  Even if only 2 people are reading it, I can't help but try to plan out what I'm going to write next.  I go to bed, trying to compose the next post's content in my head. 

But with that comes great satisfaction.  I know that to the facebooked world, this is probably no big deal, but to see my words published to the interwebs for the entire population to see (even if they don't), makes me feel in a small way accomplished.  It also has forced me to actually write movie reviews, which is something that I have always talked about but never really done.

And thank you to everyone who has sent me kind words.

I have to give a special acknowledgement to 3 people:

1.  My wife, who I always force to read my stuff and she is always tells me she loves it.  What blows my mind away is that she actually means it.

2.  My friend, who I will call "Blimpy," who said to me over dinner that I should start a blog and that he would read it.  I think that we all want to believe that our thoughts have value, but have someone point you in a specific direction and encourage you to write is very special.

3.  My other friend, whom I will call "Butch," who out of the blue called and said that he particularly enjoyed the "God is a Joke" article.  It meant a lot that someone would go out of their way to say something that I wrote had made them a little happier. 

So thank you again, to everyone who is reading.  Please let me know how I can improve this blog or if there are topics that you would like me to bring up.


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