Sunday, May 10, 2020

Mother's Day 2020

We went to the cemetery today.

My mom has been gone for two and half years, and I still miss her every day.

Strangely, thought, today was not a melancholy day.  My family gathered at the grave.  My wife arranged for a nice bouquet to be placed and my nieces and nephews had made paper flowers that were as beautiful as they were wholesome in their childlike innocent devotion. 

We stood around in masks, of course.  Being so close to each other without embracing broke my heart a little.  But to be reunited with them, to be in their presence was invigorating and joyful.  As we stood around our mother's grave, our talk was jovial, even in the sadness of the setting.  My eldest nieces prayed a Hail Mary at the grave and we spent time in remembrance of her.  A fresh grave was dug very closely to mom and one of my little nieces commented on how that "wasn't very nice."

Part of me feels a little guilty that the time was so light-hearted, but it's what my mother would have enjoyed.  And reunions with those we love should be times of joy.

Being so close to everyone but having these social distancing barriers between us made me think of my mom now.  I still talk to her every day.  As a Catholic, I believe in the communion of saints and that our relationship didn't end when she left this world.  But there is a real barrier between us, just like there is between my family gathered at the grave.  But despite the sadness, I know that the barriers between us will one day melt away.  I'm not just talking about the social distancing and the masks.  I'm also talking about that barrier of death.  I call to her into the great silence, but for now I can receive no answer. 

But I know that even this barrier of death will be removed. 

If I am judged mercifully, then one day I will see my most beloved mother again.  I will see the woman who gave me life and loved me into becoming the person I am now.  When that time comes, though I hope it is not anytime soon, she will be proud of the man I have become since our parting.  On that day I will rejoice.

Because reunions with those we love should be times of joy.

Until then, I continue to pray her this Mother's Day and every day until the end of all things.

And my thoughts and prayers are with all of the mothers who read this post.  God bless.

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