Monday, December 31, 2012

Young Guns Wisdom

A few months ago I tried to start a hashtag trend and failed miserably.  But I thought the world needed the wisdom of the classic movies Young Guns and Young Guns II.  So as we prepare to enter the new year, let's bask in the wisdom of the regulators.

Young Guns Wisdom

On Capitalism: “You have a beef outfit and a store. I have a beef outfit and a store. You’re going to try to make money. I’m going to try to make money. It’s simple and it’s fair.”

On Mercy: “I’m glad I never killed you, Steve. You’re allright.”

On Grammar: “No, no. It’s ‘You and I.’”

On Moral Obligation: “It ain’t easy havin’ pals.”

On Friendship: “You got yourself 3 or 4 good pals, and you got yourself a tribe. There ain’t nothin’ stronger than that.”

On Humilty: “Billy, I know we’re good, but this is getting ridiculous.”

On Ambition: “Men of enterprise are practically sure of success.”

On Uncertainty: “There's many a slip twixt the cup and the lip.”

On Challenges: “You test yourself everyday gentlemen.”

On Animal Intelligence: “You pigs is as smart as dogs.”

On Endurance: “Here's to having enough grit to finish the last round.”

On Avarice: “Because $500 cuts a lot of ties.

On the News Media: “Papers can't do anything right.”

On the Cycle of Violence: “Alex, if you stay they're gonna kill you. And then I'm gonna have to to go around and kill all the guys who killed you. That's a lot of killing.”

On Mental Illness: “He ain't all there, is he?”

On Letting Go of the Past: “The past is like an old yellow-back novel. When it done you throw it out and start a new one.”

On Civic Virtue: “I have made a long, steamship journey from London, Mr. Murphy, so I shall be damned if I am persuaded by something as ugly as political corruption. So, I'd like for you to take your threats and your sheriff and get off my property.”

On the Frivolity of Youth: “Go On, William. Boys will be boys.”

On Navigation: Chavez: I told you I would find the way, and the way is west.
William H. Bonney: West, huh? Well west is that way...
[points gun in one direction]
William H. Bonney: ...and the [people] we gotta kill are that way.
[points gun in opposite direction]

On Finality: “Well I shall finish the game, Doc.”

On False Idols: “William H. Bonney, you are not a god!”

On Irony: “It's an ancient Navajo word. It means 'stop.'”

On Frugality: “Goodbye Bob. Best $1.80 I ever spent.”

On Anatomy: “Now it is a biological and historical fact that I had large wrists and small hands.”

On Pet Psychology: “Even their horses are crazy.”

On Fame: “Just remember Pat. You'll never be me. You'll always be the man who *shot* Billy the Kid!”

On Nicknames: “You have to earn it. Until then, you're just plain old Hendry.”

On Love: “Necessary is something you can't live without. I can't live without you.”
On Saying Good-bye: (silent head nod)

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