Thursday, December 13, 2012

Atheist Joy

Over at the Curt Jester, he wrote an article about how atheists are trying to claim Christmas away from the "myths."

I don't know how you do that with Christmas.

Atheist: Merry Christmas!
Person: What are you celebrating?
Atheist: Christmas!
Person:  Really?  Where did it come from?
Atheist: A totally normal, non-Divine baby was born in a non miraculous way.
Person: So why would you be celebrating that?
Atheist: ... Happy Kwanza?

But he did point out that he noticed that there isn't a lot of celebration of atheist joy.  Christians celebrate joy in Christ, but I have to agree I've never encountered a joyous atheist.  Or at least I've never encountered an atheist who found joy in atheism.  I've met ones that found moral freedom and loss of guilt.  But I've never met one that enjoyed their non-belief.

I suppose that it would be hard to come up with Un-Belief Carols.

Joy to the world?
No! God is dead.
Have ex-isten-tial dread!
Ennui and boredom fills us
until the darkness kills us
and we'll have no place to go
and we'll have no place to go
and we'll ha-aa-aave no place to go.

Seriously though, the most intellectually honest atheist I have ever read is Jean-Paul Sartre.  He could find no joy in life because there was no meaning.

I guess what I'm trying to get at is that we should be doing two things this Christmas:

1.  Truly enjoy the gift of faith that God has given us and let that gift fill us with joy.
2.  Pray for those, both Christians and non-Christians, who do not have that joy.

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  1. "I'M" glad that "I" came for a visit cause after having read where you're talking about invisible stuff as if they were real, well like Panda Rosa says about U>S (usual sinners), "IT" scared me a little that maybe, our imaginary spriritual drinking jokes had finally driven ya crazy if ya know what "I" mean? :(

    Long story short, we true Christians truly believe that even Atheist will make "IT" even if they don't want "IT" but let U>S convince them without involving the invisible world if ya get my drift? :)

    Anyway you talking about invisible stuff as if they were real, well like Panda Rosa says about U>S (usual sinners) we good Christians who love each others, sometime we get just a little over concern but we can see that everything is OK with you NOW! Right?

    I'll close by saying that every so often all of Good Old Dad (GOD) Children all make mistakes cause none of U>S are perfect and for those who don't believe me, simply need to ask Bubba.