Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Trailer Time: MAN OF STEEL Trailer #2


Wow wow wow.

Okay, breathe....  breathe...

There is still not a lot of story revealed, which as I said about the Oblivion trailer, might be a good thing.  It's tough to keep a movie this big surprising.

But the visuals....

At the shot of his boots as he's walking in the North Pole, I had to keep myself from squeeling with delight.

And I loved the fact that this trailer shocked me.  When Clark asks Jonathon, "Should I have just let them die?"  He answers, "Maybe."  I literally gasped. 

This Superman movie is going to have a lot more edge than any that has come before it. 

Okay, okay, I'm becoming too much of a fanboy.  But this looks fraking great.

I love the Christological imagry in the beginning.  Superman has always had some religious undertones to him, whether it be that of Moses or Jesus.  But I see the Jesus connection a lot more in this one.  He is the only son who comes from above with miraculous powers, but is arrested and suspected.  Yet he will still think only of us and he will call us to be better than we are.

I still need to see Henry Cavill's chemistry with Amy Adams to see if they make a good Lois and Clark. 

I also hope they're not masking the story because it isn't good.

I cannot believe I have to wait until this Summer!

Does anyone have any non-biased, non-fanboy insights?


  1. They show some shots of a guy with a beard. Is that superman? How does he shave? Would you need a kryptonite razor?

    1. Yes, that is Superman. In the comics, he usually bends a metal plate and reflects his heat vision off of it to burn off the hair.

      Or he could do what they did in Hancock, and scrape it off of his skin using his fingernails.