Tuesday, July 11, 2017

T. Martin's Action Figure Videos

Hello All,

I've talked about T. Martin on this blog and we have a fun back and forth regarding out taste in pop culture.

I recently viewed some of his other projects, including stop-motion videos using action figures.

To be honest, I am incredibly jealous or the skill he demonstrates with this writing and direction.  I got a real kick out of watching his short films and I think you will too, especially if you love geek movies and TV in the last few years.  And one thing I enjoy is that that each video improves on the last.



  1. Thanks for the shout-out! You can find a lot more of my stop-motion (mostly Transformers) videos here: The Baddies videos are the ones I'm proudest of so far.

    1. This is my actual first superhero video (which is why Bane tells Batman to "stop beating up all the Marvel characters")

      Unfortunately for me, the non-Transformers videos were the least popular with my fans.

  2. I actually just switched up the playlist, just so newcomers know that you're praising a different version of it than it is now.