Saturday, July 22, 2017

Trailer Time: Justice League Comic Con Trailer 2017


Okay, I've watched this trailer a few times and here are my thoughts:

1.  Focus on Wonder Woman.
With Wonder Woman now poised to become the highest grossing film of the summer, it is no surprise that Warner Bros. is leaning heavily into her.  The action sequence at the beginning promises to be quite awesome.  And I'm glad we are returning at least a little bit to Themiscyra.

2.  Funny Flash.
It is clear that the Flash is mostly there for comic relief.  I'm not saying that he won't have a dramatic arc, but his relative newbie status is, I think, meant to be the proxy for most of the geeky fanbase who imagine what it would be like to suddenly have a super power and run along side these heroes.  If not overdone, this could be a really fun part of the movie.

3.  Lessons from Batman v. Superman
I like the fact that Batman references Superman and what he means to the DCEU.  What this says to me is that they understand that Superman is more than his powers.  His heroism and his symbolism is larger than the man himself.  With this in mind, I'm hoping for an epic sense of wonder at Superman's return.

4.  Epic Action.
I have to admit, the scene where Aquaman surfs on a parademon made me super excited.  On paper it sounds incredibly sill and shouldn't work.  But something about Jason Momoa that really sells it.  And I love the shot where the Flash helps get Wonder Woman her sword.

5.  Green Lanterns
There are no Green Lanterns in the movie.  But they are referenced.  I know that this shouldn't be a shock, but the fact that the Lanterns were referenced and how their absence from Earth makes the planet vulnerable is a cool nod to the ever expanding scope of the DCEU.

6.  More Alfred Please.
There is something about Jeromy Irons' dry wit as Alfred that I really dig.  It is cynical but unpretentious.  And it seems to cut through a lot of the tension.

7.  Surprises?
Even though we see a lot in this trailer, I have the feeling that they are holding back some really big moments and are not giving them away yet.  That was a big criticism of the final trailers of Batman v. Superman.  But maybe I'm wrong.

Every time they release more glimpses of this movie, the more excited I become.


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