Saturday, July 23, 2016

Trailer Time: Wonder Woman (Comic Con Trailer

Here is the first significant look at the very first ever Wonder Woman movie.

Initial thoughts:

-It feels a bit like Downton Abbey.  This is not surprising since this movie takes place during an overlapping time of the show.  The fashions and sets feel very much the same.  And this is not a negative.  I like feeling transported into a place rarely visited in comics.

-The shots of Wonder Woman charging the trenches is fantastic.  I love the contrast of the gloomy surroundings and her vibrant and colorful appearance.

-The action looks exciting and powerful.  Some actresses are not as believable in the action role (e.g. Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor).  But Gal Godot is convincing as the warrior goddess.  It almost feels like some of Zack Snyder's 300 style influenced this film.

-This trailer leans heavily on its feminist overtones.  We have Diana say that no man can tell her what to do and she equates being a secretary with slavery.  In and of itself this doesn't concern me.  But if the movie then turns all men, including Steve Trevor, into either domineering jerks or spineless doormats, then the movie will suffer.


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