Monday, July 25, 2016

Trailer Time: Justice League Comic Con Trailer

I've already made my effusive love for Batman v. Superman on this blog.  So it should be no surprise that I have been fanboying out to this little taste of the upcoming Justice League movie that was released at Comic Con.

Here are a few thoughts:

-Fun.  I think the film makers are trying to work against the dark and angsty tone of the the last two DCU movies.  There was a lot of humor put up front for our first look at this movie.

-Focus on Batfleck.  Even the biggest critics of Batman v. Superman agreed that Ben Affleck's Batman was a highlight of the film.  So it is no surprise that he figures most prominently in this trailer.  They seem to be playing up more of his charm than his Batman persona, making him the Tony Stark of the DCU.

-Flash looks good.  One of my biggest reservations was the casting of Ezra Miller as Barry Allen aka The Flash.  But the footage of him interacting with Batman was a delight to watch.  I'm not sure how much I like him in the costume, but this trailer went a long way in assuaging my doubts.

-Aquaman rocks.  I am a huge fan of the Peter David era Aquaman that seems to be a huge influence on this film.  Jason Momoa looks to be a significant presence in this film.

-Superman?  The conspicuous absence of Superman tells me the Man of Steel will be missing from at least the first act of the movie and he might actually be the Maguffin ala Han Solo in Return of the Jedi.

-Who is missing?  The original poster that was released for Mamoa's Aquaman last year said "Unite the Seven."  While this could be a reference to the Seven Seas, I always took it to mean the seven members of the League.  But including Superman, there are only six.  I wonder if we are going to get a surprise member like Green Lantern or Shazam, or if they are going to keep it at six.

-Story?  This trailer gives no sense of the overall story.  I'll be waiting for any details as they come out.


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