Monday, July 11, 2016

The Ubiquity of Comic Book Movies - Part 2

In my previous post on this subject over a year ago, I noted how there have been so many comic book movies (and TV shows).  When I see an actor from a comic book movie (or TV show) in another project I instinctively think of them by the comic book alter ego.

And since this writing, I have only gotten worse.

-American Hustle is a movie where Batman and Lois Lane are forced by Rocket Raccoon to work with Ant-Man's sidekick to entrap Hawkeye in a sting while dealing with Batman's crazy wife, Mystique.

-Whiplash has J.Jonah. Jameson emotionally abusing Mr. Fantastic, who is dating Supergirl.

-Sherlock is about the adventures of Dr. Strange and the Everett Ross from Captain America: Civil War.

-Thanos and Two-Face  avoid crazed hit man in No Country for Old Men.

-Scarlett Witch, Quicksilver, and fake Ra's Al Ghul try to survive the monstrosity of Godzilla.

-House of Cards is a show where Lex Luthor rises to power with the assistance of The Daily Planet sport's reporter, Yellowjacket, and Invisible Girl, while sometimes taking time to eat at a diner run by Invisible Girl's father.

-Lost involves Wasp, Kid Omega, and Killer Croc stuck on a mysterious island.

-The Wolf of Wall Street has Harley Quinn and Frank Castle working for DiCaprio.

-You can watch Daredevil and Superman fight over the Cobra's Baroness in Stardust.  And then later you can see Daredevil fight Catwoman after she kills Sinestro and Azazel.

-Blue Chips involves a coaching relationship between Hulk's dad and Steel.

-13 Going on 30 is about Elektra, who is in love with Hulk, and she works for Klaw.

-Prometheus has Heimdall fly a spaceship with Magneto and the Mandrin.

-The new Cinderella's mother is Peggy Carter and the prince is almost thwarted by Dr. Eric Selvig.

-Jurassic World has Star Lord fighting dinosaurs with Wilson Fisk and Gwen Stacy.

-Speaking of Gwen Stacy, both Gwen Stacys are in The Help and one loves and and one hates Amanda Waller.

-On Game of Thrones, Jean Grey married mutant-hater Bolivar Trask.  Also the WAC who kissed Captain America, who is the sister to Iron Fist, married the boy from Batman Begins.

-Richard III had Magneto assassinate Iron Man

-Platoon featured the Green Goblin and the voice of Zoom.

-The 1990's action B-movie Showdown in Little Tokyo featured a team up of the Punisher and the Crow.

-Yes Man involved the Riddler, whose best friend is Rocket Raccoon, following the self-help guru General Zod

-Tombstone has Thunderbolt Ross, two Hydra agents, Green Lantern's dad, Yondu, Sandman, and the Phantom

-Academy Award winner Crash has both War Machines in it.

-Push features Captain America, Agent May, and Korath

-The hostage drama Desperate Hours has Whiplash take Odin's family hostage, and it also features Casey Jones

-In the Heart of the Sea involves Thor, Spider-Man, and Scarecrow going whaling.

-Creed is where the Human Torch gets taught boxing from Judge Dredd.

-Spider-Man and the Lone Ranger sue Lex Luthor in The Social Network.

-Doctor Who has had Malekith and Kilgrave as the Doctor as well as Nebula, Rip Hunter, and Malcolm Merlyn as the Doctor's companions.

-Last year's Oscar winner for best picture involved Batman, the Hulk, Sabertooth and Dr. Strange's girlfriend investigating child abuse.  The movie also had Iron Man's dad, the guy who gave Captain America his powers, and Dr. Manhattan.

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