Friday, March 8, 2013

Summer Movie Season

We’re almost at my favorite season besides Christmas and Autumn: Summer Movie Season!

I know that the “important” movies usually come out in the fall and winter.  But most of my favorite movies come out during the big blockbuster summers.  Last year’s movies had The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises.  How will this year’s movies hold up?

Here is a list, with a few brief thoughts of my own, including on a scale of 1-5 stars my likelihood of seeing it in theaters (1 being “Not at all” 5 being “Cannot wait!”).

May 3

Iron Man 3 – I can’t wait for this one.  My hopes are high (never a good thing) that it is the best of the series (*****)

May 10

The Great Gatsby – Could be good.  It will at least be beautiful to look at (***)

May 17

Star Trek Into Darkness – I loved the first one and I hope Abrams hasn’t lost his touch (*****)

May 24

The Hangover: Part III – 1st was hysterical.  2nd was awful.  I’m willing to give it one more chance (****)
Fast and Furious 6 – This franchise can’t die.  Not a fan, though (**)
EPIC – This looks like a cross between Ferngully and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.  Pass (**)
Penguins 3D – No desire (*)
Before Midnight – Saw the 1st two and am curious about the 3rd.  Will wait for DVD (**)

Jun 7

After Earth – I would be more interested if it wasn’t a Shyamalan movie (*)
Now You See Me – The trailer sold me.  I think it could be good (***)

The Internship – Huge Vince Vaughn fan.  I’m there (****)

 Much Ado About Nothing – It’s Joss Whedon doing Shakespeare.  I would love to see this (*****)

Jun 14

Man of Steel – My hopes are way too high for this movie.  Will be there midnight (*****)
This is the End – The trailer looks awful.  Completely unfunny (*)

Jun 21
World War Z – I just don’t know.  I go back and forth on this one (***)

Monsters University – The 1st one is one of my favorite Pixar films.  I’m curious if they can recapture the magic (****)

Jun 28
White House Down – Doesn’t grab me (**)
The Heat – Could be funny.  Melissa McCarthy can bring the funny (***)

Jul 3
Despicable Me 2 – The minions are my favorite part.  But I might wait for DVD (***)
Lone Ranger – Could be good or awful.  I can’t tell.  This is the team that surprised me with the first Pirates movie (***)

Jul 12
Grown Ups 2 – 1st one was silly fun.  This looks like it too (***)
 Pacific Rim – I want to be excited about this, but I can’t for some reason.  Hope it’s good (***)

Jul 19
The Conjuring – I don’t like horror movies (*)
R.I.P.D.  – Ryan Reynolds needs a win.  Interesting plot (***)
Turbo – Like a cross between Cars and A Bug’s Life (**)

Jul 26

The Wolverine – I need to see more, but I’ll probably be there in the theater (****)
Blue Jasmine – I don’t like Woody Allen (*)

Jul 31
The Smurfs 2 – I might pick this up on DVD if I babysit my nieces (*)

Aug 2
300: Rise of An Empire – This looks like a cheap trick to cash in on the original (*)
Red 2 – I liked the first one, but will wait for DVD (**)
2 Guns – Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg?  I’m curious (**)

Aug 9
Disney's Planes – Cars carbon copy (**)
Elysium – Message movies are boring, even if they are sci-fi (*)
We're the Millers – I have a hard time getting behind the concept of hero being a drug dealer (*)

Aug 16

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters – Didn’t see the first one (*)
Kick-Ass 2 – HATED, HATED, HATED the first one (*)
The To-Do List – I love Aubrey Plaza, but this movie looks vile (*)


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