Monday, March 4, 2013

Pope Fiction Poll #2 - Worst Pope

So we have our winner, Gandalf, for the best popular fiction pope.  But it got me to thinking:

Who would be the WORST choice for Supreme Pontiff.  Here are our finalists:


He looks good in white and has experience leading a conclave of wizards

He is incredibly weak-willed and is willing to bow down to anyone who talks to him through a glowing bowling ball.

photo by Kevindooley

He knows the value of hard work, coming from humble beginnings.  He also is charismatic enough to keep followers

Besides being cruel and bloodthirsty, he is also wildly racist (against mudbloods)

Emperor Palpatine

He can run a large organization with several moving parts across and entire galaxy, so the largesse of the papal office will not be too taxing

He seems bent on corrupting the young to gain ever more unlimited power

Dr. Doom

As undisputed ruler of Latveria, he has always kept his people protected from those who would harm them and would probably do so with the Church.  Also, he is a genius only surpassed by Reed Richards

His idea of safety is to rule with an iron fist.  Also, he has a nasty tendency of talking in the 3rd person. Could we really live with phrases like "Pope Doom does not like Shasta" and so on.

Agent Smith

In terms of Papal visits, he would be great because he could travel to several places at once.

Since he has no actual body outside of the matrix, I don't know if could be ordained a priest.  That and he is evil.

Thoughts?  Vote in the poll!

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