Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Trailer Time: The Wolverine

There's two things I really like about what I see here.

1.  It is the first movie in X-Men continuity since X-Men The Last Stand.  It seems to be taking very seriously the toll of Logan's choices from that movie.

2.  I like that it makes him vulnerable.  An indestructible man is kind of interesting, but watching him lose that power greatly amplifies the risks and makes it more exciting.  This trailer very much reminds me of what I've seen for the Iron Man 3 trailers.

This will be Hugh Jackman's sixth outing as Wolverine in film, and he's already scheduled to be back in X-Men Days of Future Past.  And it looks like he hasn't lost a step.


Also check out the quicktime version of the American trailer here.

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