Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Trailer Time: Queenpins

[WARNING: slightly vulgar language]

You know what I miss?

The mid-budget comedy movie.

I remember back in 2001, people were guffawing as the budget for the Warren Beatty relationship comedy Town and Country topped $100 million.  This was indicative of how mid-range budgets were being squeezed out.  Instead we get super high budget films or super low budget movies.  In addition, the comedy moves from broadly crowd-pleasing to raunchy.  Now, I enjoy big and small budget fare.  I also like some raunchy films like The 40-Year-Old Virgin  and Ted.  

But I miss simple fun crowd pleasers like Game Night or Couples Retreat.

This brings me to this first trailer for Queenpins.  The plot seems very formulaic: Suburban housewives start a life of crime (with fake coupons).  This could be the stuff of a Lifetime Movie, but there are two things that made me take notice in this trailer.

1. The Cast

Couples Retreat alums Kristen Bell and Vince Vaughn are in this film and look fantastic.  Ever since I saw his amazing performance in Richard Jewell I have taken note of anything Paul Walter Hauser is in and he looks like he is on the top of his comedic game.  It also has Kirby Howell-Baptiste who was very good in The Good Place and one of my personal favorites Joel McHale.  I think the cast is elevating the material to another level.

2. The Laughs

I watch a LOT of comedy trailers.  When they are done, my usual reaction is, "What that supposed to be funny?"  But this trailer made me laugh way more than I was expecting.  Humor is subjective, but this trailer hit me in just the right way.


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  1. Thank you! I saw this trailer a few days ago and also thought it was hilarious. I enjoy watching trailer reaction videos from time to time and I was surprised none of the usual channels posted anything about this trailer. And on the few random channels that did post something, the viewer didn't seem to find the comedy funny (no one laughed at the "don't you think we're coming in a little hot here boss" line). Glad to finally see I'm not alone.