Sunday, April 1, 2018

Christ is Risen: Easter 2018

As I have gotten older, the impact of this day resonates more and more.

There is darkness and gloom in this fallen world, but Christ has conquered the world.

Someone once told me that Easter takes on a whole new meaning when someone close to you dies.  I thought about that this morning when I was missing my mom. 

Sometimes I think of all the things that she will never get to do again.  She had no idea that Easter of last year would be her last Easter on this Earth.  But today reminds us that death is not the end.

At mass this morning I imagined her voice singing next to mine.  One day, God willing, I will hear that voice again.  And it will not be in my imagination but with my Glorified Body.

Christ will make this possible for us because He died and rose again so that we who die with Him might rise with Him too.

Today is about hope beyond hope.  Today we commit ourselves to the belief that light has triumphed over darkness and life has triumphed over death.

He is Risen.


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