Sunday, February 17, 2013

Revised Oscar Prediction

I posted my Oscar predictions a few weeks ago and I stand by them all, with one small revision.

I now think that Argo is going to win the Oscar for Best Picture.  While Lincoln might have the most nominations, Argo has been cleaning up the other awards including the Producer's Guild, Director's Guild, Writer's Guild, and Actor's Guild.  And since members of these guilds also make up the voting population of the Academy, I think that things have definetly taken a turn in Argo's favor.

I think this is partly as a backlash against the directors who failed to nominate Affleck for an Oscar.  If Argo wins it will be the first movie since Driving Miss Daisy (1987) to win a Best Picture Oscar without the director being nominated.

I still think Les Miserables is the best movie of 2012 and should win the Oscar.  But I predict that Argo will come out on top.

If you haven't seen it yet, it comes to DVD and BLURAY this Tuesday.

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