Monday, February 11, 2013

The Humility of Benedict

Pope Benedict has announced his resignation form the Chair of Peter as of the end of the month.

He is the first pope to resign the office since the Great Western Papal Schism in 1415.

There is much I can say and will say later.  But my initial reaction, besides sadness at losing such a holy and wise Holy Father, is awe at his humility.

What a witness to the world of humbling yourself and setting aside your "power" for the good of the Church. I am always quite annoyed at those who describe Church leadership purely in terms of power because they miss the point.  The only authority in the Church is the authority of service.

Pope Benedict has discerned that he cannot serve as effectively as he should.  And in humility, he is giving his office to another chosen by God.

The papacy is not about Benedict XVI.  It is God's papacy.

Bless him.

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