Monday, January 14, 2013

Thoughts on the Golden Globes 2013

For those who followed my "live" tweet, you know my thoughts.

My tastes were far afield of the Hollywood Foreign Press in terms of their television honors.  I don't watch Girls or Homeland, so I found that part of the night very uninteresting.

But I have to say that I was surprised by how much the film winners were in sync with my judgment.

Best Drama: Argo
-Very solid choice and the best in that category

Best Director: Ben Affleck
-This only highlights what a snub he received from the Academy.  I loved his acceptance speech where he said he was excited to be listed with the likes of Stephen Spielberg.  But he did a better job directing than any of those nominated.

Best Actor Drama: Daniel Day Lewis
-No doubt that his portrayal of Lincoln is brilliant.  I remember being very skeptical of it from the previews, but now I see it's wisdom.

Best Actor Musical/Comedy: Hugh Jackman
-What a powerful performance.  I think he is the dark horse to beat out Day Lewis for the Oscar.

Best Actress Drama: Jessica Chastain
-I haven't seen Zero Dark Thirty, but everything I've read has been so positive that I want to see it now.

Best Actress Musical Comedy: Jennifer Lawrence
-She was the absolute best thing in Silver Linings Playbook and her award is well deserved.

Best Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz
-I haven't seen his performance, but he is a fine actor.

Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway
-No surprise here as it is one of the most emotionally harrowing performances all year.

I thought that hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey did a very decent job and made me laugh throughout the night.

Of course the stars couldn't help themselves rubbing salt into the red state wounds.  I'm not making a political point here, but a business one.  Is it wise to go out of your way to insult half of your potential consumers when you don't have to?  I've never understood that.

Both Affleck and the producers of Argo made sure to thank our troops and other real American heroes. Part of me is rooting for an upset at the Oscars and Argo taking the big awards.


Below are my "live" tweets in case you missed them: (start from bottom)

  • Nice shout out to American heroes. Good note to end the night
  • Argo wins best picture. A good night for Affleck 
  • I don't think anyone could have predicted Daniel Day Lewis would win an award for Lincoln 
  • I've heard good thing about Jessica Chastain's performance in Zero Dark Thirty. She played Bin Laden, right? 
  • Les Miserables wins! Maybe the HFP has some taste after all
  • Is Hawkeye trying to grow a mustache? 
  • Awesome! Hugh Jackman getting props. To paraphrase Res Dawn "Wolverine!" 
  • I'm picturing Clinton waiting in the wings to personally thank the cast of Girls 
  • Affleck's win reminds us of his Oscar snub 
  • Seriously, watch the first 15 minutes of Girls and try not to be confused and repelled 
  • I just re-watched the entire series of The Big Bang Theory while I'm recuperating. Definitely better than Girls 
  • I can't believe that last one was my 1,000th tweet 
  • Daredevil just thanked Elektra for his Golden Globe. I can die happy
  • Affleck thanks the troops. Awesome! 
  • Ben Affleck wins! Good for him! Totally deserved 
  • i had less trouble understanding nell
  • Getting ready for the 30 minute tribute to Jodie Foster.
  • I only watched the 1st 15 min of the Girls pilot. I couldn't take anymore. 
  • I feel like Maggie Smith COULD have been with us this evening but chose not to be. 
  • Haven’t been able to tweet since learning how brave it was for Julianne Moore to play Sarah Palin cuz I’m afraid she’ll never work again
  • Somebody should put Jason Statham in an action movie I bet he’d be good in one of those 
  • what is salmon fishing in the yemen about
  • I am in to the Golden Globes like James Bond is into chastity.
  • Wreck-it-Ralph was actually better than Brave. It had Q-Bert!
  • Why is Borat introducing animated films? 
  • Could someone let me know if Homeland is any good? They keep throwing awards at it 
  • Lea Michelle is as orange as Snooki 
  • Teddy Bear wasn't nominated for best foreign film, but it still should have won 
  • Bill Clinton in a room full of young starlets must be like Fat Albert setting camp at Golden Corral but with less drooling 
  • Did Don Cheadle just tell me to go to bed? He's not the boss of me- zzzzzzzzz... 
  • Finally caught up on the TiVo to see War Machine get an award
  • Tarantino doesn't look drunk at all 
  • Anne Hathaway wins! I can't wait for her win a real award
  • Game Change wins again? Who saw that coming? 
  • Jennifer Lawrence wins. Great performance. "I beat Meryl!"
  • Tommy Lee Jones just did the best human version if grumpy cat I've ever seen 
  • "Judy Dench. Where did she come from?" 
  • Isn't Hillary home sick? Shouldn't he be with her? 
  • I don't think Clinton should ever use the phrase "steely resolve"
  • Did Clinton just compare himself to Lincoln? 
  • The only living impeached president gets a standing ovation. Take that Red states! 
  • How did Benedict Cumberbatch not win? No offense to Kevin Costner 
  • I thought it was about time Adele got an award for her music
  • Life of Pi wins best score. I don't know... I think John Williams' worst score is better than most people's best scores 
  • Tony Mendez on stage. That is awesome 
  • Homeland wins. If the Hollywood Foreign Press says its good, I guess it must be 
  • I don't watch Homeland, so I don't care about Damien Lewis' win. But good for him 
  • Julianne Moore just spit in the eye of half the country. Not surprised, but annoyed 
  • Game Change praise feels like Hollywood's 1984-style hour of hate
  • Again, how was it brave to make an anti-Palin movie in Hollywood?
  • Maggie Smith's win is clearly a cynical ploy to pander to teenagers
  • Christoph Waltz wins an award from the foreign press. Shocker
  • "When it comes to torture I trust the lady that was married to James Cameron." 
  • I had to step away from the tv, so starting Dvr of show now. Tweets will not be live but "live." 
  • Watching E! In prep for Golden Globes. All it confirms for me is that I don't understand fashion 
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