Wednesday, July 27, 2022

San Diego ComicCon 2022 - DC

 San Diego ComicCon had a lot of news come out for upcoming Geek Pop Culture.  In my last post we focused on the MCU.  Now we will turn our attention to DC,

The DCEU is still pushing forward.  As far as I know there was nothing mentioned about the upcoming Flash movie.  This makes sense because Ezra Miller is a PR nightmare.  Warner Bros may have just spent hundreds of millions of dollars on an unreleasable movie because of Miller.  However, there are two other DC films that were given trailers.


The trailer released really didn't give much more than had been seen already.  We saw a bit more of the Justice Society, which was very cool.  Dwayne Johnson did make a very cool entrance into Hall H as Black Adam himself.  Johnson seems to have a real affection for this character.  Black Adam does not feel like just another big budget job for him.  I like that and it builds up a great deal of good will for me.


If the first one was Big but with superpowers, I get the feeling that this one will be The Goonies, but with superpowers.  You can see the not-so-subtle nod to that 80's classic in the trailer released.  I like the fact that Billy wonders where he fits into the DCEU in a way that a kid would.  This could come off as very low brow.  But there was something about that line, "I just threw a truck at a dragon...My life is awesome!"  There is something that rings so true to the idea of a kid with super powers.

And that's it.  We are still waiting to hear what will happen with Henry Cavill as Superman, more about the Joker sequel and the next The Batman.

Because of the corporate restructuring, I can understand Warner Bros. not giving a solid plan, but I'm hoping that things get settled soon so that we can see what is coming ahead for my favorite heroes.

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