Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Trailer Time: Thor: Love and Thunder

Marvel is making a smart business decision by letting Taika Waititi do another Thor movie.  Personally, I do not care for Waititi or his style.  But Thor: Ragnarok was a big hit at the box office, making over a $100 million more than the previous film.  So even though he is not to my particular tastes, I respect that Marvel is going back to Waititi well.

And to be fair, the movie looks like it could be a good deal of fun, at least from this trailer.  Giving the Guardians such a prominent role (at least in the trailer) was also a good idea, as their franchise is probably the most tonally in line with Waititi.  I especially enjoyed Thor's cap while he is doing his workout.  This movie, like Ragnarok,  looks to essentially be a comedy with some action elements sprinkled throughout.

The introduction of the female Thor is very intersting.  The story from the comic was actually very tragic, dramatic, and compelling.  I don't know that Waititi will be capable of matching that tone.  But I am excited to see how they will handle this story.  If they do manage right, it could have a lot of potential.


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  1. Personally, I think Waititi was able to do "tragic, dramatic, and compelling" with JoJo Rabbit. So I think there's hope he's keeps the comic book tone for his female Thor.