Sunday, April 17, 2022

Alleluia! Christ is Risen! Easter 2022


There is darkness and gloom in this fallen world, but Christ has conquered the world.

As I've written before, it is the most audacious thing in the world to believe the Easter message.  And that message is this: death is temporary.  When we encounter death, it feels like a permanent separation, an ending of our relationships.  But because Jesus rose from the dead, He has conquered death.  Now, death is "falling asleep" and we are all waiting for the new day to dawn!

And this hope is not just for those who have already died.  Perhaps there is someone in your life who has cut you off or abandoned you.  Life is messy and relationships are complicated.  Even if that person says that they will never speak to you again in this world, do not despair!  In God's Mercy if both of you are received into the kingdom, then you will be reunited.  And all the pettiness and sinful barriers that are causing friction in this world will disappear.  

In Christ, love never really ends.  Anyone you lose in this world, whether to death or anything else, can be returned to you in the end. 


Jesus has given a permanent hope to the world that will shine brightly until the world's ending.  

All things will pass away in this world, even nations and empires.  But the hope of Easter will never fade from the memory of the world.  It is a permanent spike in the ground that pierces the temporary nature of this universe and gives us a glimpse into our eternal destiny.  

He is Risen.


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