Friday, September 10, 2021

Trailer Time: The Matrix Resurrections

Okay, I have several thoughts about this.

I don't think movie is going to be particularly good, but I really want to see it.

Somehow the CGI has gotten worse in 22 years.  Things look less real than they did before.  I can't imagine that the story is going to be very good.  This feels like the creator is returning to the well after all their other projects failed.

But here's the thing, Keanu Reeves has earned a lot of good will from me for both the John Wick movies as well as the recent Bill and Ted.  On top of that, he has done nothing but endear himself to his fan base in a way that always has me rooting for him.  On top of that, I really liked seeing him together with Carrie-Ann Moss.  Maybe I'm just buying into the nostalgia bait.  And this movie also has me really curious if Neal Patrick Harris could do an really good action scene.


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