Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Trailer Time: Hawkeye

I have be apprehensive about this series, mainly because of the character of Kate Bishop.  Like most legacy characters in Marvel comics, Kate is just not that interesting.  On top of that, every time I've encountered her in the comics, she has been completely insufferable.

The one moment in this trailer that confirmed this feeling was when Kate called herself the world's greatest archer.  And yet, I do have hope for this show.  One of the things that I'm gathering is that Kate is actually pretty awful at being a super hero.  And that, at least, is interesting.

This seems to be a series that is in parallel to Falcon and the Winter Soldier, in that it is hopefully a bit more grounded than WandaVision and Loki.  One of my favorite aspects of Clint as a character is how is secretly a family man.  The moment in Endgame when his family disappears is one of the most emotionally harrowing moments of the MCU.  To see him reunited is wonderful (though I am wondering where is Linda Cardellini?)  He is also an incredibly dangerous person.  The part where he tosses back the Molotov cocktail was my favorite.

If this show is another case where the new legacy hero constantly one-ups the older, classic character, I think I shall be disappointed.  But if, as the trailer seems to suggest, Kate has to go through lots of pain and mistakes to become the hero she should be, then that could be a good story.  I tend to trust the movies and tv end a bit more than the comics.  After all, they took the eternally boring Miles Morales and made him awesome in one of the best Spider-Man movies ever made.


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