Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Trailer Time: Spider-Man: No Way Home - Official Trailer

So an unfinished version of this trailer leaked online a few days before.  And now they have released the full version.

The movie appears to be borrowing heavily from one of the most controversial stories in Spider-Man history where Peter makes a deal to have people forget his identity.

There isn't a lot of content here, but the rumors that have been circulating around appear to be true: the characters from the previous Spider-Man film series will be in this movie.

Now here's the thing: this is right up my alley as a comic book fan.

Remember that the idea of a cinematic universe was very strange and rare before the MCU.  But one of the reason it works with Marvel is that it reflects the kind of storytelling you find in comics.  The series all take place in a shared universe where the characters from other books could cross over.  And now we have that in movies.

With the addition of these other cinematic Spider-Man characters, it feels like The Flash of Two Worlds, the comic where the Golden Age Flash first met the Silver Age Flash.  This led to epic crossovers and events as well some incredibly imaginative storytelling, because a whole new world of characters opened up.

I am very excited for this.


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