Saturday, May 29, 2021

Trailer Time: The Tomorrow War

They did a small teaser for this movie a few weeks ago and I was not very impressed.

I do have to say that this trailer has me intrigued.

The premise is that humans from the future have come to let the world know that some non-human threat is about to wipe out humanity in the years to come.  As a result, people in the present are drafted to fight in a war in the future.

The monsters seem achingly generic and there seems to be a treacherous political allegory brewing in the theme.

But what is selling this for me is Chris Pratt.

Pratt is one of the few Hollywood stars that has not lost his good will with me.  He is an incredibly funny actor, as can be seen from his years on Parks and Recreation.  He is also a believable action lead.  Pratt uses both of those skills and employs all of his charisma in this trailer.

Too often I will watch a trailer where the main characters appear incredibly unlikeable.  But Pratt's character seems funny without being cynical.  He appears brave without being cocky.  He seems strong without being a brute.  I love how the grand scale is tied to a simple emotional core: saving the world means saving his daughter.

I also really like the supporting cast. 

Right now this movie is giving me a very strong Edge of Tomorrow vibe, which is a film that has only improved with time and repeated viewing.


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