Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Trailer Time: West Side Story

For the life of me I cannot understand why Steven Spielberg is making this movie.

The original West Side Story is a movie that is exquisitely of a specific time and place and nearly perfect.  Who in their right mind would try to remake that classic?

I can understand Spielberg wanting to tackle a big musical before he retires from directing, but he could have chosen one that didn't win an Academy Award for Best Picture.

On top of that, I am not a fan Ansel Elgort.  It is very hard for me to imagine him taking on the role of the wide-eyed.  I also notice that it looks like they've replaced Doc with a woman.  Little changes like this make me wary that by tinkering with perfection, all you can do is make something worse.

Having said all that, I have to admit that the trailer gave me chills.  I do not know how much of that is simply the iconic music that reaches behind my critical mental shields and simply hits me in the emotions.  I have to say the movie looks gorgeous.  If there had never been another movie of West Side Story I would be way more excited.  Right now, Spielberg has moved me from skeptical to intrigued.  

What are your thoughts?

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