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New Evangelizers Post: Why We Must Prioritize the Unborn



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“The threat of abortion remains our preeminent priority because it directly attacks life itself because it takes place within the sanctuary of the family and because of the number of lives destroyed…”

The US Catholic Bishops made the above statement in Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship. While they acknowledge that there are other very serious issues to deal with like racism and poverty, the evil of abortion should be placed ahead of most other social/political concerns.

Currently we have the second American Catholic as President of the United States. However, this President is very actively and substantially supportive of expanding abortion rights. This could lead to a great deal of confusion in the minds of American Catholics regarding being a faithful son or daughter of the Church and abortion.

Many books and articles have been written to articulate this view. But in these times, especially with many people in political office who are in favor of allowing the unborn to be killed, it is a good idea to reiterate why we stand with the unborn and why we prioritize them.

If there are so many evils in the world, why do we elevate the question of abortion?

Human life begins at conception. Supporters of abortion are quick to say that this is merely a religious belief. That is an attempt to marginalize the Pro-Life position to an idiosyncratic moral stance that is only for those who accept the faith. This relativizes it to somethe analogous to a Jehovah’s Witness refusing blood transfusions.

However, the quesiton of when human life begins is one that can be answered by observation without religious beliefs. A unique indiviusal comes into being when a person’s unique DNA strand comes into existence and is the active genetic force in its formation and development. This happens at conception.

If you accept the premise that human life begins at conception, then the intentional killing of that unborn life is, by definition, murder.

What makes abortion an absolute priority is that it is legalized murder.

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