Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Lack of Updates February 2021

 Dear Reader,

Please forgive my lack of updates for the last few days.

No worries, there is no crisis here on my end.  However, there has been a convergence of time-consuming things such as:

-Master's Class:  I am pursuing another master's degree.  I usually never take classes in the Spring because of my schedule, but there a course that is only available now that I had to take.  I usually like to bank a number of my assignments early so it gives me more time to work on my final project when it comes up.  This is where a good deal of my writing time is going.

-Theater:  We are in the process of preparing our spring musical, but we have hit a number of snags and roadblocks and miscommunications with the licensing company that has required a great deal of time to sort through.  In addition, we've had to figure out a way to perform a show with all of the COVID restrictions.

-Teaching:  I am about to begin a new section that I have never taught before.  Other teachers will understand what I mean when I say that the first time you create a lesson plan is what takes the most time.

-Home: My most beloved mother-in-law moved in with us recently.  She has been a wonderful addition to our house and home.  This gift comes with it more responsibilities to help make her stay with us as comfortable as possible, which includes taking more time to enjoy each other's company.  

As with every brief interruption to this blog, I assure you that I have every intention to resume regularly scheduled content soon.  I still have many film reviews to write, including a "non-film review" for a movie I recently watched that was so bad I stopped watching part way through.

Thank you again for hanging in with me, dear reader, after all of these years.  It warms my heart to know that someone, somewhere has enjoyed any part of my digital scribblings.

God Bless!

Catholic Skywalker

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