Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Trailer Time: Cobra Kai Season 3

I only just discovered Cobra Kai on Netflix and it was a great run for those first two season.  It was binge-worthy in the best way possible where you actually became sad as you knew the number of episodes left was coming to an end.

This season looks incredible.  Cobra Kai does a great job not painting everything in black and white.  It recontextualizes the old heroes and villains from the original Karate Kid movies but it is still strong with nostlagia for these characters.

Season 2 got a little heavy into the teen drama, but I hope that this a return to form.  I love how Johnny's no excuses attitude can have the effect needed for Miguel.  It also looks like the show is growing beyond the simple rivalry into something different.

One of the things I've loved is that neither Cobra Kai nor Miyagi Do are complete by themselves.  There is something lacking in both that can only be completed by the other.  

I also love the fact that we see Kumiko and Chozen.  Can Allie be far behind?


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