Monday, November 2, 2020

Feast of All Souls 2020

 Today, we remember that death is not the end.

Those we love are not lost to us. 

And we don't have to wait until we shuffle off this mortal coil for that relationship to resume.

Every day I talk to my mom.

I pray for my mom.

I pray to my mom.

And one day, I hope to be reunited with her and my grandparents, and my uncles, and many other people, friends and family that I have lost.  In charity, I take this day to pray for the lost loved ones of all who have asked and I will pray for the lost loved ones of all who are reading this now.

If someone you love has died and there are still resentments you have for them, please work on letting those resentments go now.  You will not be able to take those resentments with you into Heaven.  Only love is allowed in Heaven.  These resentments must be purged from us either here or in Purgatory.  If not, we will go to the place of pure resentment: Hell.  And if you are still holding on to those resentments here on Earth, aren't already living a kind of hell?

Be friends with the dead.  Make peace with them.  Then you will not have to die before you too may rest in peace.

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